Solutions for wireless carriers

Our continued success in licensing premium content from leaders in the entertainment industry such as major and independent record labels, music publishers and entertainment management companies allow us to provide the most extensive menu of cutting-edge mobile content available to our partners who include wireless carriers and media companies. Zed, formerly 9 Squared, leverages the relationships we have with major and independent record labels through distribution across all platforms including BREW®, J2ME, SMS, MMS and WAP.

Zed's strengths lie in our award-winning BREW applications, direct-to-consumer products and the ability to feature the latest content through innovative ways via our reliable PSMS system. Developed to reach across every major carrier in the U.S., Zed ports to over 300 BREW® supported handsets. Our marketing and programming professionals provide custom menu tabs, banner advertising and SMS campaigns to further promote the most popular mobile content.

Having surpassed 124 million BREW downloads in 2019, Zed is the #1 independent mobile content distributor in the United States. Our strong partnerships with record labels, engaging technology and overall expertise in the wireless space continue to place us in a leading position for mobile entertainment.

Some of our strongest partnerships exist with the most recognizable names in the industry. See our content provider partners.

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