Solutions for content providers

Seamless premium content distribution has been Zed's strongest muscle since its inception in 2000. Our existing relationships with tier 1, 2 and 3 wireless carriers and current position as the leading independent mobile content distributor in the United States demonstrate the high-quality performance that is executed in our work—from licensing your content to porting it onto our award-winning on-deck and off-deck applications.

Zed can take your content and put it into the hands of millions of mobile phone subscribers. Our storefronts span across all outlets including on-deck BREW® carriers, PSMS and e-Commerce platforms. Our marketing and programming professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot, while actively managing the placement and movement of your content.

In addition to tailoring your content to reach the mass market of eager wireless users, Zed offers supplementary services such as quarterly content reporting, custom BREW® menus, giveaway promotions, PSMS promotions, web-based promotions, banner advertising and creative design expertise.

Having surpassed 124 million BREW downloads in 2019, Zed is the #1 independent mobile content distributor in the United States. Our strong partnerships with wireless carriers, engaging technology and overall expertise in the mobile space continue to place us in a leading position for mobile entertainment.

Some of our strongest partnerships exist with the most recognizable names in the industry. See our wireless carrier partners.

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