Promoting Mobile Content through Mass Media Marketing

Zed, formerly 9 Squared, has become a leader for mobile media solutions, and our direct to consumer programs are a natural extension of our catalog offering. Our content clubs have enjoyed tremendous growth since inception, giving consumers the opportunity to customize their mobile with music, wallpapers and text services available only from Zed's content catalog. We utilize mass media marketing channels to educate the consumer about the full capabilities of their mobile, and provide them with unique services and compelling content found on no other platform.

Major labels have also drawn on our PSMS expertise to directly promote artist print, web and merchandising campaigns. In total, our billing capabilities extend to over 150 million domestic wireless subscribers. With revenues from mobile entertainment projected to double in the next five years from $20 billion in 2006 to more than $41 billion in 2010 worldwide, Zed has the platforms, systems, and strategies in position to be the dominant player in consumer mobile media brands.

We focus on the relationships we build with content providers and mobile operators; facilitating the delivery of content to hundreds of handsets, multiple formats, and across many different carriers. World class brands deserve world class service and response, which is why we focus as hard on supporting our business partners as we do our consumers. Accurate reporting, a commitment to effective marketing, and strict adherence to "best practices" ensure that the value proposition of our consumer brands is never lost or diluted.