Mobile Media Solutions

About Zed

Zed, formerly 9 Squared, is the #1 independent distributor of mobile content in the United States. Equipped with an industry-leading catalog of premium mobile content and extensive wireless distribution partnerships, Zed's competencies expand the entire value chain of mobile media solutions including best-in-breed mobile distribution technology, direct-response marketing, content programming and merchandizing expertise.

Zed was founded in November of 2001 with the idea of developing the first wireless, multiplatform, digital media distribution technology in the United States. Beginning with a dedicated executive team blended with a results-driven group of employees, the company has achieved phenomenal growth. It is this recipe which has led to the emergence as a market leader through innovation and creativity. Since inception our users have downloaded over 124 million ringtones, wallpapers and other types of mobile content. Zed offers the ability to reach hundreds of millions of wireless subscribers worldwide. Our headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado.

About Zed Worldwide

Zed Worldwide develops and markets entertainment and community products and services for mobile and the Internet. The company is the leading mobile value-added player in the world in terms of revenue and geographical footprint. After the acquisition of MonsterMob, currently a subsidiary of Zed Worldwide, the company is present in 53 countries, including Europe's largest markets, USA and China. Zed Worldwide holds agreements with more than 100 mobile network operators and employs 1,400 staff.

Founded in 1996 in Spain, the company's history is characterised by the ongoing development of innovative services in the entertainment and leisure arena for mobile and Internet, and it remains at the forefront of the industry. To learn more visit